Laura Marling has a free and legal MP3 (18-year-old British singer/songwriter, with depth)

“I’m a Fly” – Laura Marling
     Here’s one young British import who a) doesn’t sing with an affected “street” accent, b) understands the utility of two names, and c) is interested in more than regaling us with tales of her dysfunctional love life, thank goodness.
     Everything about this short, precise song is warm and appealing, from its harp-like, folk-infused ukelele work through its subtly effective instrumentation and Marling’s clear and compelling voice, both musically and lyrically. Listen in particular to how her backing vocals (it sounds sometimes like multi-tracked humming) are used almost as part of the rhythm section, adding a wonderful, organic sort of texture to a song that accomplishes the unusual trick of sounding traditional and post-modern at the same time.
     All of 18 years old at this point, Marling released her debut album, Alas, I Cannot Swim, to much acclaim in the U.K. in February. Astralwerks will be releasing the CD in the U.S. in August. “I’m a Fly” is a newer song, not from the CD; it can be found as a b-side on an EP released in the U.K. in June. MP3 via

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