Free and legal MP3 from Paper Rival (Shins-ish folk rock, w/ fiddle)

“Cassandra” – Paper Rival
     The mournful fiddle melody and the crisp tom-tom beat, playing through alternating major and minor chords: what we have here is one smart and engaging introduction–and (better luck!), a song that lives up to its intro’s promise.
     A mysterious reimagination of the cursed prophet of doom, “Cassandra” chugs along with a bittersweet, Shins-like sort of vibrancy, its leisurely melody lines unfolding against an unobtrusive but carefully constructed percussive backdrop. The fiddle is central to the vibe, its disconsolate strain standing in for the prophet’s voice, in a tone reminiscent of the gypsy violin Scarlet Rivera brought, memorably, to Bob Dylan’s Desire album back in the day.
     Paper Rival is a quintet from Nashville that did business as Keating until discovering that another band had the rights to the name; they chose their new name as a good-natured nose-thumbing to the gang that got to the Keating name first. “Cassandra” can be found on the band’s debut full-length CD, Dialog, released in early June on Photo Finish Records. MP3 via Insound.

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