Writing Services

There is nothing that appears on Fingertips that someone else has paid me to write. And yet I am in fact a professional writer, and my services are available for independent projects, at reasonable rates.

Prior to my starting the Fingertips site in 2003, I spent the better part of two decades freelancing for a wide variety of national and regional publications, companies, and non-profit organizations. I wrote feature articles and columns, as well as brochures and press releases. I also have many years of experience as an editor.

Among the publications I wrote for in the 20th century were The New York Times, GQ, Salon, Smart Money, Utne Reader, Lingua Franca, Parenting, Manhattan, inc., Vegetarian Times, and others too numerous (and, often, obscure) (and, often, defunct) to mention.

I am a good writer, with old-school skills (grammar, structure, punctuation, organization, etc.) and new-school functionality (I understand the web, social media, and writing for variously-lengthed attention spans, etc.). I am available for project work; note that projects do not have to be music-related.

This web site itself stands as testament to my writing ability; I’m happy to send some hard-copy clips along as well. But the best way to show you what I can do would be to work on a small project together. You will see that I know my stuff, and I can get things done under deadlines.

// at the email address that appears when you float your cursor on the words // and I’d be delighted to discuss about any project you have in mind. I even (imagine that!) enjoy talking voice to voice, so if you’d like to send me your phone number, we can do it that way instead.

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