Top 5

Here are Fingertips’ top five favorite current songs that can be found online as free and legal MP3s. Songs remain in the top five for a maximum of four months.

This had been a top 10 for the first 10-plus years of Fingertips’ existence. As of 2014, I have been featuring fewer songs per month, and so a more exclusive top-track feature seemed useful. Big hat tip to Nick Hornby, who immortalized the top five in High Fidelity, while also capturing a music culture that was just about to die only no one realized it at the time.

1. Joanna Southern Boutique 2014
2. 900 Hands Elskling 2014
3. Five Days  NEW Fossa 2014
4. Dead Rabbit Hopes The Shoe 2014
5. Silver Linings Jeni Valtinson 2014

updated 2 Oct 14

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