Free and legal MP3: Dirty Projectors (Bjork meets Prince via Capt. Beefheart)

“Stillness Is The Move” – Dirty Projectors

Not every pop song gets its lyrics by combining bits of dialogue from an enchanting foreign-language movie classic with phrases from an Excel spreadsheet of pop clichés, but the free-flowing, high-minded collective known as Dirty Projectors is hardly your everyday pop band.

An experimental group masterminded by Dave Longstreth, a music major from Yale, Dirty Projectors has been releasing mind-bending, genre-defying music for the better part of the decade. “Stillness Is The Move” is one of the more accessible songs in the band’s catalog—think Björk meets Prince—and it’s still pretty prickly (think Captain Beefheart), its fat groove semi-dismantled by the fidgety melody, complex harmonies, stuttering rhythms, needly guitar lines, and eventual encroachment by a classical string section. Amber Coffman sings acrobatically and precisely, but be sure to tune as well into the meandering, often thrilling countermelodies offered in the background by Angel Deradoorian and Haley Dekle. I recommend hitting the replay button at least six or seven times, after which you won’t need me to tell you to keep going. It gains mysterious traction from repeat listens.

“Stillness Is The Move” is from Bitte Orca, the band’s fifth full-length studio album, released this month by Domino Records. MP3 via Spin; thanks to Jonk Music for the head’s up.