The Fingertips Q&A was launched in August 2008 with the express intent of allowing actual, working musicians the chance to talk about the state of the music industry in the digital age. This is not intended as a comprehensive discussion; each time I ask five (relatively) simple questions, all having something to do with making sense of what popular music in the 21st century is about. When someone does in fact make sense of it, I’ll let you know.

The Q&A began as a monthly feature but now appears on a more meandering schedule, arriving whenever a musician comes along who feels like giving it a go. The Q&A features musicians whose work has already been featured on Fingertips.

Featured on the Fingertips Q&A to date:

Jeremy and the Harlequins (January 2014)
Night Panther (December 2013)
Liam Singer (April 2013)
The Ampersands (October 2012)
Nicole Bourdeau (The Royalty) (July 2012)
The Spring Standards (June 2012)
Theresa Andersson (April 2012)
Wheat (January 2012)
Jennifer O’Connor (December 2011)
Shelby Earl (November 2011)
Alina Simone (September 2011)
Laura Stevenson (April 2011)
Nicole Atkins (January 2011)
Ross Flournoy (Apex Manor) (December 2010)
Eux Autres (October 2010)
The Silver Seas (September 2010)
Elf Power (August 2010)
Buried Beds (July 2010)
MiniBoone (June 2010)
Gold Motel (May 2010)
The Mynabirds (April 2010)
The Morning Benders (March 2010)
The Minor Leagues (February 2010)
Vandaveer (December 2009)
Morningbell (November 2009)
Kinch (October 2009)
Andrew Spencer Goldman (Fulton Lights) (September 2009)
Brian Sendrowitz (Beat Radio) (August 2009)
Local Natives (July 2009)
Haley Bonar (June 2009)
Jill Sobule (May 2009)
David Harrell (the Layaways) (April 2009)
Joey Barro (The Traditionist) (March 2009)
Dave Derby (Gramercy Arms) (February 2009)
Shane Nelken (The Awkward Stage) (January 2009)
Mark Northfield (December 2008)
Mike Reisenauer (Pale Young Gentlemen) (November 2008)
Brad Armstrong (13ghosts) (October 2008)
Dirk Darmstaedter (September 2008)
Jonatha Brooke (August 2008)

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