Comment Guidelines

Comments are welcome on Fingertips, but all comments are moderated, which means that there may be a slight delay between when you submit it and when it is posted. Note that comment spam is an ongoing source of irritation, so if you are indeed a human being attempting to make a human, non-promotional comment, be sure that you sound like one!

Here are the specific guidelines:

1) Comments with links to other web sites will be closely scrutinized. Unless the link actively and constructively adds to the discussion, links in comments are discouraged, and comments containing links arrive under suspicion. Comments that arrive attached to random posts from the past are especially suspicious. Be sure you make it clear that you are really and truly responding to the specific post in question or your comment will look like spam and be treated as such.

2) Comments must be civil in tone. Fingertips has no patience for rudeness, harshness, or lack of respect, for either me or your fellow commenters. You are visiting here, and are not entitled to leave your mark if civility is an issue for you. I also prefer comments not to be anonymous if at all possible.

3) Comments that simply disagree with a song review might be rejected. I understand that my opinion is just one of many possible opinions on a given song. But this is my blog. I spend a long time with these songs, first listening, then writing. If I’m not convinced you have invested the same amount of time, and/or if I’m not convinced you’ve said anything but “You think this song is good but I don’t,” I’m not convinced your opinion requires the forum of this particular blog.

4) Comments should be as succinct as possible. I know that the essay topics here in particular lend themselves to lengthy discussions. But do try to keep your comments reasonably short. On the one hand, if you don’t have enough time to edit, then maybe you haven’t given what you’re saying enough thought to be worthwhile sharing. On the other hand, if you really have that much to say, you should probably be posting it on your own blog!

5) Comments are not for requesting a link exchange. You may do that via email, but note that Fingertips does not link back to any sites that do not relate pretty directly to music, and in any case only links back to sites that I believe to be legitimate sources of information run by actual individual people.

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