Blogroll, continued

In addition to the “Friends of Fingertips” (to the right), the following blogs are also kind enough to link to Fingertips, while remaining at least somewhat active:

Arte Gusano Digital
The Best of Everything
Between Thought and Expression
Cougar Microbes
Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space
The Devil Has the Best Tuna
Dick Mac (alive!)
For the ‘records’
Get Free Downloads on the iTunes Store
Gimme Tinnitus
The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown
Gravy Bread
Greg’s Online Journal
Independent Music Promotions
Information Nation
Mobtown Shank
noise city
Rap Beats
Scary Squids
Scratchy Buckles
Screen Ink
selector de frecuencias
Short Attention Span Radio
Swen’s Weblog
The Tofu Hut

Many other blogs over the years have linked to Fingertips but a startling number of them are either no longer in existence or are no longer being updated. The web ages, and changes, even while everything at any given moment seems more or less the same as ever. Funny how that works.

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