See you in September

Fingertips will be on hiatus until September.

And with one previous post spotlighting perennial Fingertips favorite Neko Case and a song from her terrific new album, Fingertips will now be taking a hiatus from MP3 reviews until September. Whether the reviews start back up at that point I actually don’t know. That is some of what I will be pondering these next few months. Part of me is happy with all the work I’ve done here over the past 15 years, all the worthy artists whose songs I have closely examined and offered as legal downloads; and by June 2018 another part of me wonders whether this particular effort has at last run its course. Music changes, technology changes, with (alas) no rational or humane actor steering things. The web has enabled both our better angels and our tireless devils. I’m on the side of the angels but it’s exhausting and often discouraging work.

I imagine I will continue to post playlists because it’s kind of my personal art form—I feel compelled towards expression in that medium regardless of who may or may not be paying attention. And the intermittent essays may continue as well. We’ll see how it all shakes out after some time off.

Thanks to all of you who are out there, paying attention. The world needs not merely attention but attention pointed in a helpful and hopeful direction. Keep the faith, stay in touch, and place yourself whenever possible in the path of beauty. Now and always, it’s our last best chance.

16 thoughts on “See you in September”

  1. We’re out here. Have been all these years, many of us. And we certainly pay attention. Even though the playlists don’t play in my country, and the music doesn’t always suit my taste, i’m here. What you say matters. The astounding amount of time and effort spent is appreciated and recognized, even when we’re too shy or unwell or busy or rude to tell you.

    But you should keep on IF — and it’s the only if that counts — IF you enjoy what you do here and would miss doing it.

    Thank you. Godspeed in whichever path you take.


    1. Anne- Thank you so much for the kind and supportive words. They mean a lot to me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back with some version of the same thing come September. One thing I’m already doing (and enjoying) is de-cluttering my email inbox via unsubscribing to a lot of lists I never signed up for in the first place. That’s quickly creating a good amount of space and freedom here. And I am sorry the playlists don’t work where you are! Technology is never as smooth and wonderful as is usually claimed. I wish I could send everyone a vinyl record every now and then rather than an MP3! 🙂


  2. I haven’t been here for 15 years, but I’ve been here for a long time and I certainly enjoy the work you do. But it should be fun and I hope you figure out what that means to you. I work in a data lab and can use MP3’s but not streaming. So I’m not ready to give up on them yet. Also, none of our workstations have attached turntables.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. You make a good point that not everyone is in a position to stream in all locations they might find themselves. I personally prefer owning my music, even if it’s in digital form, in part because streaming services never actually have *everything* and also for the same reason that I wouldn’t want to wear rented clothing, if that analogy makes sense!


  3. Makes sense to me. And just because a streaming service has it now doesn’t mean they will next month or next year.


  4. Yep, unsubscribing can be freeing, and vinyl is best — next to plain old human kindness. No worries over the playlists — those of us who care can find a way to listen, and often buy.

    Enjoy your summer!


  5. I hope you enjoy the time off but am very glad you plan to be back in some form or the other come Fall. I appreciate your insights, hard work, and excellent taste in music and understand the need to step back for a spell. It’s thoughtful of you to let us know; I myself have been a bit adrift with no clear idea of what to do or say about it. All bests to you now and in future.


    1. As long-time music bloggers we are both blazing new trails in terms of what it is we are trying to do after all these years. Not many have stuck with it quite so long. I appreciate the kind words. Feel free to stay in touch as you figure out your own path moving forward. I like your taste too!


  6. I’ve worn rented clothing, and it’s not great. I’ve been a listener here since 2005. That was the year I moved abroad to the UK from the US. This site helped me navigate new, exciting artists I wouldn’t have otherwise found myself. I also appreciate all your efforts. They have been worthwhile to us as we have gleaned so many gems from the troves here. I hope you’ve found joy in it yourself along the journey. See you later maybe, maybe not. In one form or another, less fragmented, happier, and perhaps with even more wisdom.


    1. Mirah- Thanks so much for your supportive words. As noted here in the comment section, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back, yes, ‘in one form or another.’ Knowing folks like you are out there is cheering. This has been an important part of my path so there seems no good reason to abandon it. The time off will be helpful and healthy. See you on the other side…


  7. My brother just told me about this blog and how it is the most well-written, thoughtful, and eloquently expressed music blog he’s ever read. He’s enjoyed your posts over the years and I, too, am now enjoying them. I’m absolutely certain more will appreciate you pasts posts whether you continue after your hiatus or not. Either way, what you do is enriching our lives by adding beauty and depth. Thank you for what you’ve done so far, I for one (selfishly) hope you continue in some capacity!

    Priscilla B.


    1. Priscilla- Wow; thank you so much for the very kind words. If I start things back up in the fall– which I am assuming I will, in some tweaked form or another– it will be in part the result of inspiring comments like yours, and others here in this thread. Thanks for taking the time to reach out — I really appreciate it.


  8. Without this place, I would never have been exposed to some of my now most favorite songs. Music that has been with me through some amazing highs and unbelievable lows. Through association, just visiting this site now gives me the same feeling as the music, which I personally find fascinating. Regardless of the future, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


    1. Charles– That’s so nice of you to say, and it means a lot to me, it really does. As noted elsewhere in this comment section, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back at some form of this in the fall. It helps me more than I can say to hear from everyone who’s written such kind things here. Thank *you*.


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