Just when it seemed about hopeless

Eclectic Playlist Series 2.01 – January 2015


Speaking of quality, welcome to another edition of the Eclectic Playlist Series, which aims entirely at a quality listening experience, regardless of either how many decades or how many sub-genres of music we have to explore to get there. I mean, seriously: do you really only like one kind of music?

Note that there have been 11 playlists in the Eclectic Playlist Series to date before this new one, running from December 2013 to December 2014, and up to this point, no artist has appeared twice. With the new year, the EPS officially resets: we are in series 2, and you will now begin to see (i.e., hear) some of the folks who have already made appearances. Specifically, here on EPS 2.01, we say hello again to one of my long-time and all-time favorites, Sam Phillips, who previously landed a song on playlist 1.07 (“This Is Not What I Thought”).

Note too that this may be the least “classic-rock-y” playlist in the history of the internet that still manages to feature Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and the Moody Blues. The presence of Allen Tousaint, the Nerves, and Jessy Bell Smith, among others, helps. Plus Mick Jagger’s falsetto (and fine Arab charger). Did I help him carry his cross through town? Did I keep my ammunition under cover? Even so, they left me at the station, and down down down I went. But in the end, pressure makes diamonds, quality trumps quantity, and there is always more music to accompany us on this journey. See you next month.

“I Was in the House When the House Burned Down” – Warren Zevon (Life’ll Kill Ya, 2000)
“I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy” – The What Four (single, 1966)
“Escalator of Life” – Robert Hazard (Robert Hazard EP, 1982)
“Cruel Inventions” – Sam Phillips (Cruel Inventions, 1991)
“Cherry Tulips” – Headlights (Some Racing, Some Stopping, 2008)
“You and Me” – The Moody Blues (Seventh Sojourn, 1972)
“Tractor Rape Chain” – Guided By Voices (Bee Thousand, 1994)
“Go Back Home” – Allen Toussaint (single, 1965)
“Ways of Looking” – The Mynabirds (What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood, 2010)
“Open Your Heart” – The Human League (Dare, 1981)
“Delia” – Bob Dylan (World Gone Wrong, 1993)
“John Mouse” – Jesse Bell Smith (The Town, 2014)
“When You Find Out” – The Nerves (The Nerves EP, 1976)
“Off and Running” – Lesley Gore (My Town, My Guy & Me, 1966)
“Shiver” – Coldplay (Parachutes, 2000)
“Icarus” – White Hinterland (Kairos, 2010)
“Nothing But a Heartache” – The Flirtations (single, 1968)
“Nearly Lost You” – Screaming Trees (Sweet Oblivion, 1992)
“Emotional Rescue” – The Rolling Stones (Emotional Rescue, 1980)
“Pressure” – My Brightest Diamond (This Is My Hand, 2014)

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