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Eclectic Playlist Series, Vol. 2 — January 2014

Eclectic Vol. 2
The Fingertips Eclectic Playlist Series continues here in 2014 with its second offering, creatively labeled Volume 2. For this playlist’s philosophical underpinning (what? shouldn’t playlists have philosophical underpinnings?), I refer you back to my Linn music blog essay, which argued, among other things, that we human beings are more interesting, musically, than the internet seems to want to believe. (And yes, I know, the internet can’t really “want” anything; I speak metaphorically, or metonymically, or something.)

The general point is: listening to an assortment of songs that share neither decade of origin nor sub-genre is fun. And maybe even enlightening. That’s the goal with the Eclectic Playlist Series, in any case. Check out Volume 2, below. (And for those who missed Volume 1, here you are.)

As will always be the case with these playlists, the goal was a mix of radio-like spontaneity and a well-pondered series of segues. I did my best to keep moving through the years, without any particular formula for going from one decade to another, or one genre or sub-genre to another. See what you think. And speak out in favor of eclectic listening, when and where you can. It will displease our new robot overlords, but that seems to be humanity’s remaining job—to be actually, messily, eclectically human. What else do we have going for us?

This playlist was originally created via Spotify; all mixes have since been migrated to Mixcloud. Listen via this widget:

“Warning Sign” – Talking Heads (More Songs About Buildings and Foods, 1978)
“It’s the Beat” – Major Lance (single, 1966)
“For Love” – Lush (Spooky, 1992)
“Eras” – Juana Molina (Wed 21, 2013)
“Illuminated” – Múm (Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know, 2009)
“Southern Boys” – Kate & Anna McGarrigle (Dancer With Bruised Knees, 1977)
“Made of Stone” – The Stone Roses (The Stone Roses, 1989)
“Reflections” – The Supremes (Reflections, 1967)
“Tomorrow Never Comes” – Dot Allison (Afterglow, 1999)
“Joan of Arc” – Arcade Fire (Reflektor, 2013)
“The Day I Get Home” – Squeeze (Play, 1991)
“Quarry Hymns” – Land of Talk (Cloak and Cipher, 2010)
“No Tears” – Psychedelic Furs (Talk Talk Talk, 1981)
“Together” – The Intruders (The Intruders are Together, 1967)
“Don’t Blame it on Love” – Daryl Hall & John Oates (Along the Red Ledge, 1978)
“Bessie Smith” – The Band (The Basement Tapes, 1975; recorded 1968?)
“Kid A” – Punch Brothers (Who’s Feeling Young Now?, 2012)
“Isobel” – Björk (Post, 1995)
“Real Emotional Girl” – Randy Newman (Trouble in Paradise, 1983)
“(Untitled)” – R.E.M. (Green, 1988)

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