New essay: “Is There Any Hope for Eclectic Listening Online?” (off site)

For those who haven’t stumbled upon this one yet, I wanted to let you know that I have a new essay online at the Linn music blog.

Linn is a high-end audio equipment company, based in the UK. The new essay is entitled “Is There Any Hope for Eclectic Listening Online?,” and it addresses another one of my digital music pet peeves, this one being the relentless way that digital music tends to be divided by genre, especially when it comes to streaming and/or playlist services. I believe this genre fixation rather badly under-serves us as listeners. Read the piece and see if you agree.

One thought on “New essay: “Is There Any Hope for Eclectic Listening Online?” (off site)”

  1. Fantastic article, Jeremy. It really nails the experience of getting to know a record. I’ve returned to albums I listened to for a week or two to no avail up to a year later when suddenly the music just makes sense, as if my unconscious mind had been chipping away at its mystery all that time.

    I’ve always, always been a huge album-as-a-whole sort of person. I’ve never understood people who only buy singles or never get through an entire album they’ve had for years. They aren’t wrong; I just don’t understand how one could do that.

    I’m a big fan of Spotify because it lets me demo a lot more music than I could ever afford, but I still buy just as much music on CD and vinyl as I ever have; Spotify often just helps satisfy that new music urge while I wait to be able to pick up the next stack of records. Haha…


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