Favorite Free and Legal MP3s of 2011 (part 2)

Fingertips’ top 10 favorite free and legal MP3s of 2011.

Here in week 52, the last Fingertips post of the year takes you through my top 10 favorite free and legal MP3s of 2011. If you missed favorites 11 through 20, you can see them in last week’s post.

To be considered for the list, songs had first of all to have been featured on Fingertips during the year 2011, and second of all must still be available as free and legal MP3s. You can download any or all of them right here the usual way, or listen via the play button if you happen to be reading this directly on the Fingertips site.

As with the first part, I’m going here in super-suspenseful reverse order. Without further ado….

10. “Plath Heart” – Braids  (January 6)
Rewarding 21st-century pop, charged with both complexity and humanity.

9. “Friends of Friends” – Hospitality  (September 22)
Quirky, nostalgic, minimalist NYC indie rock.

8. “Queen of Hearts” – The Unthanks  (March 30)
Lovely, off-kilter folk revivalism, from the UK.

7. “Amor Fati” – Washed Out  (August 3)
Buoyant, hopeful/wistful synth pop.

6. “Shake” – The Grenadines  (November 17)
A song urging us to “shake” that is actually sexy.

5. “The Great Pan is Dead” – Cold Cave  (February 10)
Dense, powerful, and memorable.

4. “Casablanca Nights” – Johan Agebjörn (with Sally Shapiro)  (May 19)
Nimble, ravishing neo-italo-disco.

3. “Teeo” – Vedoinmessico  (October 12)
Easy-going, assured multi-national pop.

2. “Serpents” – Sharon Van Etten  (December 1)
A “Layla” for the smartphone set; tough, controlled, intense.

1. “Love To Get Used” – Matt Pond PA   (April 27)
All sinew and punch, with a brisk drive and an absurdly catchy chorus.

And that’s a wrap. Wishing you all a very happy and nourishing new year. See you in 2012. Mayans permitting.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Free and Legal MP3s of 2011 (part 2)”

  1. Thanks for continuing to do this, even though I don’t visit as often as I should. This year, I’m going to attempt to get back to the blogging side of life, and I hope to read posts more often.


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