Memorial Day break

Memorial Day is coming a bit early around here, as it has been decided that the Fingertips Home Office will be shut down as of Thursday, and that all work in progress shall be halted until at least Monday. Who am I to stand in the way of not getting work done? This week’s songs have been selected but they will now become next week’s songs. Next week’s songs have not yet been selected, and lord knows what will become of them.

The good news out of all of this is that instead of being quite late (this week), the songs will be quite early (next week), arriving online some time on Tuesday. For the insatiably curious, check out the Fingertips Facebook page, where the songs have been announced. (Did you know that every week the songs get announced a day or so in advance on the Facebook page? I didn’t think so.)

For those in need of music more quickly than that, consider a visit to the Fingertips Top 10, a sturdy haven of recent favorites, some of which you just may have missed along the way.

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