May Q&A: Greta Morgan, of Gold Motel

This month, the Fingertips Q&A talks to Greta Morgan, front woman for the Chicago-based band Gold Motel. The band’s song “Don’t Send the Searchlights” was featured in February on Fingertips. Previously in the Hush Sounds from 2005 to 2008, Morgan assembled the five-piece Gold Motel in 2009. The band’s self-released, self-titled debut EP, came out in December; their first full length is due in June.

Every month, the Fingertips Q&A sends five questions about the state of music in the digital age to a favorite musician. Because me, I’d rather hear musicians talk about this stuff than pundits and bloggers. Here’s the latest installment:

The May Q&A, with Greta Morgan

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