Free and legal MP3s from Radiohead, the Swell Season, Elvis Perkins (vacation mode; no reviews)

Fingertips is heading into vacation mode for one more week, but so as not to leave you empty-handed this time, I’m pointing you in the direction of three notable free and legal MP3s that have come online in the last few days. These songs are well worth hearing, even though I’m not sure I will end up writing detailed reviews of them once I get back in the groove here. If you happen to follow the Fingertips Twitter stream, you’ll know about these already. (And if you don’t follow the Twitter stream, check it out if you’re interested in daily links to free and legal MP3s and general news and information about the digital music scene.)

“These Are My Twisted Words” – Radiohead
     This was first sighted as a sort of mystery song last week, confirmed as a Radiohead tune this week, and is now available as a free download via the band’s site. Note that the song is available as a zip file, which has to be extracted in the usual way you would extract a zip file. The zip file contains not only the MP3 but the lyrics and 15 pages of gnarled-branch artwork the band suggests printing out on (firm) tracing paper with this advice: “You could put them in an order that pleases you.”
     The song has a long, tense intro, and a gratifying, simmering sort of rhythmic complexity, sounding like something from Amnesiac that showed up on In Rainbows by surprise.

“In These Arms” – the Swell Season
     The Swell Season is the name that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform under; you may know them better as the people who sang together in the charming movie Once, and won an Oscar for the effort.
     “In These Arms” is a pensive love song; read more about it here on Spinner, which is making the MP3 available.

“Slow Doomsday” – Elvis Perkins in Dearland
     Elvis Perkins returns to Fingertips with a song from his band’s forthcoming EP, to be entitled Doomsday. Loose-limbed and deliberate, this one has the vibe and spirit of a Dixieland dirge, thanks to EPiD’s horn-laced lineup. MP3 via the Beggars Group. While you’re at it, you might want to browse through all of the Beggars MP3s–they’ve been accumulating a nice collection there over the last few years. Thanks to Largehearted Boy for the head’s up on this one.

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