Free and legal MP3: Deluka (appealing electro-dance-rock)

“Cascade” – Deluka

Appealing electro-dance-rock with a sweeping ambiance and a more difficult-than-it-first-seems-to-pin-down sound. As much as one may initially want to hear this as harmless retro-y fun, one problem is that it’s unclear exactly what era/genre this song is most reflective of, as it seems to gather everything from new wave and post-punk to disco and electro and then some under its sonic umbrella. Which maybe has the net effect of not seeming quite so retro after all. Certainly there’s something in not only the sharp production but in the sheer urgent musical delight here that lends “Cascade” a sparkling currency—you’ve heard it before, except maybe not exactly. More to the point, you’re likely to keep hearing this in your head moving forward. And surely this goes immediately to the top of the list of definitive summer songs for the summer of ’09, at least here in Fingertips land. At least for now. The summer is yet young.

Named after Laura San Giacomo’s character in the movie Pretty Woman, Deluka is from Birmingham (UK) but has taken up in Brooklyn after being signed by the Brooklyn-based VEL Records-. “Cascade” is the band’s first recorded song. A digital EP will be released this summer, with a full-length CD expected in the fall. MP3 via VEL.

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