10 current free and legal MP3 favorites, otherwise known as the Fingertips Top 10

I haven’t blogged about the Fingertips Top 10 since October, so every song on the chart now is new. (Songs remain in the Top 10 for a maximum of three months.) As of today, here’s the list:

1. “Davy Crockett” – South Ambulance
2. “River of Dirt” – Marissa Nadler
3. “No One’s Better Sake” – Little Joy
4. “I Know My Ocean” – The Traditionist
5. “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh” – Say Hi
6. “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
7. “It Hurts Me All the Time” – Faunts
8. “Strangers” – St. Vincent
9. “Loaded” – The Idle Hands
10. “White Shade” – Lukestar

“Davy Crockett” just debuted at number one, which is an uncommon accomplishment, knocking Marissa Nadler down a notch. “White Shade” is the next song due to be retired. Like everything else on Fingertips, the Top 10 is idiosyncratic and synchronicitous. No research has been harmed, never mind consulted, in the construction of this list, which is simply my way of shining an extra spotlight onto ten particularly wonderful songs at any given time.

Remember, however, that Fingertips only features carefully filtered music to begin with, so you can’t go wrong with any of the MP3s featured here at any time.

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