February’s Q&A now online, featuring Dave Derby from Gramercy Arms

The Fingertips Q&A was launched in August with the express intent of allowing actual, working musicians the chance to talk about the state of the music industry in the digital age. This is not intended as a comprehensive discussion; each time I ask five (relatively) simple questions, all having something to do with making sense of what popular music in the 21st century is about. Easy!

This month we welcome aboard Dave Derby, of the band Gramercy Arms, whose song “Automatic” was featured on “This Week’s Finds” in December. The band released its self-titled debut album in November, which featured a number of indie rock semi-celebrities, including Matthew Caws from Nada Surf Joan Wasser of Joan As Police Woman. You may know Derby better as the front man of the Dambuilders, a Boston-based band that gained a footing on alternative rock radio in the ’90s. (In the photo, Derby is second from the left.)

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