Free and legal MP3: Fulton Lights (scratchy, moody, beat-driven acousto-electronica)

“Sideways Glances and Coded Speech” – Fulton Lights

Andrew Spencer Goldman, the mastermind behind Fulton Lights, is back with another of his scratchy, moody, loose-limbed, beat-driven compositions. With the feel of something half-programmed and half-improvised, “Sideways Glances and Coded Speech” churns along with eerie personality; for all the echoey electronic noise that acts as the container here, the song is constructed just as notably from organic sounds, including acoustic guitar, upright bass (!), and what sounds to me like actual percussion in actual three-dimensional space. This beguiling sort of acousto-electronica fosters an unearthly vibe, which is neatly augmented by the presence of Goldman’s ghostly tenor, singing barely comprehensible but vaguely ominous phrases, floating along on top.

“Sideways Glances and Coded Speech” is a song from the second Fulton Lights CD, The Way We Ride, which was released earlier this month as a joint venture between Catbird Records and Goldman’s own Android Eats Records. The album is available for free download in its entirety via Catbird, although a pay-what-you-will payment is suggested. MP3 via Catbird.

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