The Fingertips Q&A: Dirk Darmstaedter

There’s a new Q&A available on the main Fingertips site, this time featuring an email conversation with Dirk Darmstaedter.

Darmstaedter is a Hamburg, Germany-based singer/songwriter who spent his formative years in Teaneck, New Jersey. He hit it big in Europe with his band The Jeremy Days in the late ’80s; they remained together through 1995. Since then, Darmstaedter has released a variety of albums as a solo artist. He also co-founded Tapete Records, a record label notable for its good taste, in 2002. “We Are Waves,” a song from Dirk’s Our Favorite City CD, was featured on Fingertips in June 2007.

The Fingertips Q&A is a recurring feature; each month, a real, working, album-making musician will answer a few direct questions about the current state of music in the 21st century, and where things may be going.

The Fingertips Q&A debuted last month with singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke.

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