Free and legal MP3 from Boxer the Horse (amiable Canadian indie rock, with harmonica)

“Jackson Leftfield” – Boxer the Horse
     Jaunty, nicely textured indie pop from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, of all (beautiful) places. Harmonica, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and an intermittent electric guitar intermingle with uncanny merriment, while singer/guitarist Jeremy Gaudet exudes an amiable sort of lazy energy, sounding something like Ray Davies fronting a jam band (minus the jamming). This is music that makes you smile, as well as tap your toe.
     The harmonica brings you into the song and immediately makes me wonder: what happened to harmonicas? Outside of an earnest neo-folksinger or two, I don’t think I’ve heard much of this handy little instrument in the 21st century. I always like when it breaks out of its blues-based box. Here I’m reminded of the late great British band the Housemartins, who not only featured a harmonica now and again but even had a song lyric reference (“Played his harmonica ’til his lips were sore,” from the song “I Smell Winter”).
     “Jackson Leftfield” can be found on Boxer the Horse’s debut EP, The Late Show, which was released by the band this spring.

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