Free and legal MP3: Dead Heart Bloom (rockers who love their Bowie and Mott)

“Our Last Martyr” – Dead Heart Bloom

Brisk, friendly, and slightly quirky, “Our Last Martyr” rocks with an unapologetic reverence for classic rock of the early-to-mid-’70s British variety (think Lennon, think Bowie, think Hunter). Front man Boris Skalsky sings, alternately, with an intimate, oddly-accented purr (the verse) and a rousing Ziggy-ish flair (the chorus). Note how the verse is sung with the rhythm section only–just bass and percussion providing an itchy aural skeleton for Skalsky’s distinctive baritone. For that sing-along chorus, the full band kicks in, driven by the ear-catching interplay between a crisp acoustic rhythm guitar front and center and a soaring synth line up on top. The second half of the song is something of a jam session, as guitarist Paul Wood stretches out a bit on electric lead before we’re swept away by a chorus of almost hypnotic “oo-oo-oo” vocals from Skalsky, who can hit the high notes too.

The core of NYC-based Dead Heart Bloom is singer/multi-instrumentalist Skalsky and guitarist Wood; other musicians play when the band performs lives. “Our Last Martyr” is one of five songs on the new Fall In EP, one of a series of EPs scheduled for release this year on the band’s KEI Records label. The band has previously put out two full-length CDs. All songs are available on the band’s web site as free and legal MP3s. Dead Heart Bloom was previously featured on Fingertips in Feb. ’06, and also on the Fingertips: Unwebbed CD, when the band was still more of a solo project for Skalsky.

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