Fingertips says: Take a break!

Fingertips declares Spring Break! In honor of Earth Day and Turn Off Your TV Week, there will be no official “This Week’s Finds” selections this week. The Fingertips Home Office will be open all week, so site updates are otherwise likely. Fingertips invites you, meanwhile, to ponder this: we do not, as a culture of educated human beings, generally benefit from filling up all available time and space simply because the space and time seems there to be filled. The mainstream media has proven that beyond argument this election year, with its microscopic idiocy and macroscopic myopia. The blogosphere, alas, proves it everyday. Fight the demon of space- and time-filling and remember to breathe, turn off your screens, and say hello to a nearby tree or two. It won’t talk back; it has nothing but time. We might learn a thing or two.

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