The Fingertips Mailing List

If you would like easy access to each weekly edition of “This Week’s Finds,” there is a mailing list you can sign up for.

The easiest way to do it is to use the sign-up box to the right. (Scroll down just a little and you’ll see it.) Nothing nefarious will happen with your email address when you enter it in the box; it is not collected or shared or used for any other purpose other than to put you on the list to receive the weekly email.

But if you are averse to web-based forms, you can also sign up by sending an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to fingertipsmusic-request at freelists (convert this to an email address, and it’s dot org not dot com).
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You don’t have to write anything in the body of the email. After sending it you should relatively quickly receive a confirmation email from Freelists that will involve your consenting to signing up before you are added to the list. Sorry for the extra step but I figure people like the protection; no one can be signed up by someone else against his or her wishes, that sort of thing.

The weekly email goes out once a week, sent out some time between 12 p.m. on Tuesday and 6 p.m. on Wednesday (that would be Eastern Time in the U.S.). More or less.

Please be aware that the weekly email may occasionally be sent (inadvertently) with minor errors–typically a typo or a broken link. These will always (I hope!) be fixed on the actual web site and blog, but the email itself may remain imperfect, as “Correction” emails are sort of a drag both to send and to receive. Really prominent errors will be corrected in a follow-up email, but little ones may, alas, remain uncorrected.

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