Founder info

Jeremy Schlosberg is a writer and editor with more than 20 years of experience writing for a wide variety of national publications, including the New York Times, GQ, Salon, Smart Money, Utne Reader, Lingua Franca, Parenting, and others too numerous (and, often, obscure) (and, often, defunct) to mention. Leaving the hard copy world behind in the 21st century, Jeremy launched Fingertips in May 2003.

Fingertips has pioneered the free and legal MP3 niche online, and with a nose for high-quality but under-recognized independent music has developed a knowledgeable following of open-minded music mavens. True to Jeremy’s roots as a disc jockey in free-form FM radio, Fingertips is only about showcasing the good stuff, and is intended to be a sane, intelligent guide in a slightly insane world.

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