The Fingertips Q&A: Mike Reisenauer of Pale Young Gentlemen

The latest edition of the Fingertips Q&A features a pithy chat with Mike Reisenauer, lead singer and pianist for the excellent Madison, Wis.-based ensemble Pale Young Gentlemen. Mike answered the five questions directly, without a lot of throat-clearing–you’ll get some good insights, and it won’t take you long to read.

The Gents have been twice featured on Fingertips–in September ’08, and in November ’07. The band’s new album, Black Forest (tra la la), was released in October on the Madison label Science of Sound.

The Fingertips Q&A: Brad Armstrong of 13ghosts

The Fingertips Q&A for October is now online and it’s a good one. Brad Armstrong sat down at his computer and typed out some articulate and thought-provoking answers to five questions about the future of the music industry.

Armstrong is one of the two guys who both sing lead and write songs in the Birmingham, Ala.-based band 13ghosts, a band that has twice been featured on Fingertips over the past few years.

I think I’d live in a magical world,” he writes, in response to how things would be if he were in charge of how the music industry operated, “where you had to buy a blank download tape and put it in your analog download machine, and you had to listen to the whole thing while you were downloading it, and the only way you could get the link is if your friend told you about it and then sat with you while you downloaded it, otherwise it wouldn’t exist.”

Check out the entire interview on the main site.