Every week, Fingertips highlights three hand-picked, high-quality free and legal MP3s. Fingertips has been doing this since May 2003, but the site has been redesigned in May 2010.

The music is free and legal because Fingertips features only MP3s that have been put online by either the musicians themselves or their record companies. Fingertips does not host the MP3s being featured, just points to official sites where the music can be found. As a result, some of the links will go away after a certain amount of time. I try to keep the dead links cleaned up but it’s a Sisyphean task, so apologies in advance if you find some of them.

And yes, these songs are all downloads, not streams, meaning you are free to take possession of them, put them on your iPods, burn them on mix CDs, etc.

To begin browsing the titles of the weekly selections chronologically, starting with the most recent, click here. To browse by artist, start with the Artist Index.

For the very curious, here are a few extra notes about the featured songs, in even smaller type:

* Just because I’m writing about something in a given week does not necessarily mean it is newly released. Sometimes I have to listen to a song for a relatively long time to know whether I like it enough to write about it.

* Just because the songs here are relatively undiscovered from an American mainstream point of view, that doesn’t mean the songs are weird or difficult in the slightest. My orientation is pop music, I just like it done with more substance and spirit than the kind that typically (but not always) catches the mainstream ear.

* From the beginning I decided to feature only three songs once a week. While this flies in the face of the daily posting protocol favored by the blog-frenzied among us, I believe it is a sane and realistic approach that neither overloads the visitor nor overtaxes the staff at this end (i.e. me). I also believe it is in line with the type of person I imagine to be most enticed by Fingertips–intelligent music lovers who do, however, have any number of other things they have to do from day to day.

If you’d like access to the weekly reviews without having to remember to come here and look, there are two ways to have them come to you automatically. One is the RSS feed (click on the orange symbol at the top of the page); the other is the mailing list, which you can sign up for on the right, or read more about here.

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