Feel free to with submissions, questions, or anything else on your mind. Understand, however, that my ability to read and respond to bulk promotional email is limited at best. Here are the basic email guidelines, along with explanatory notes below for each item, for the excessively curious:

1. The more an email looks like a boiler-plate promotional note sent to a thousand places at once, the less likely I am to read it.

2. If you are sending a more personally-directed note, be aware that Fingertips is focused on free and legal MP3s only.

3. Fingertips does not review albums or EPs.

4. Fingertips does not post videos.

5. I cannot reply to follow-up emails asking if I’ve listened to something.


1. Apologies in advance, but I don’t read all my email. Bulk promotional email from publicists is least likely to be read. Bulk email comes from a musician I may be slightly more inclined to read, but only slightly. By and large it will be best to assume that I will neither read nor respond to bulk email. (Exception to rule: email coming from vetted industry sources. Don’t worry, you guys are still okay.)

2. The less obvious it is from your email that you in fact have a free and legal MP3 available, the less likely I am to read it and/or listen to any music. If you only have a stream, on SoundCloud or anywhere else, with no download option, I can listen but I can’t consider the song for a review. Note that while Fingertips will host MP3s, I prefer that there exists online a permanent link to a free and legal MP3. If Fingertips is going to host the file, I need the download to be directly accessible, without strings attached (i.e., no email requirement, and no “pay what you want” downloads). Last word of warning: if I have to download an entire album, or some kind of promotional “kit,” before I can even listen to a song, I am not going to do the download. I really want to be able to listen to something first.

3. Emails that are promoting albums, without any clearly indicated individual songs to download, are usually ignored.

4. It doesn’t matter how cool your video is, I can do nothing with emails that are only promoting videos. I know I am far outside the realm of conventional wisdom on this, but I don’t need to watch music.

5. Not trying to be rude but the volume of submissions rules this out. Remember, I’m not getting paid for this.

Bonus information for the extra attentive:
* Resist the urge to promote to me via Twitter or Facebook. I don’t look to social media for promotional messages and I prefer not to see them in my streams.
* I really don’t like remixes, for whatever reason. Unless your name is Björk.
* Auto-Tune and I do not get along. I listen to music to hear singers who can sing. Wait till you hear how dated this sounds someday. You’ll be horrified.
* My name is Jeremy; you can find more information about me here.