“Let the Record Go” – the Mynabirds

I cannot resist a repeat visit to the Mynabirds album, with this second free and legal MP3 now available (and also given what a great little set of music this comprises with the previous two selections). I just mainline this kind of sound–open my veins and inject it straight in. Laura Burhenn takes the standard blues progression and shapes it into a fiery piece of retro pop. Every last detail is exquisite, and yet the thing just plain stomps too. Right away, I love how the song starts in such a hurry it feels as if we’re joining in midstream and then oops it stops at that place four seconds in for that great, conflicted “Oh!” from Burhenn.

So many parts to like in such a short song!: the extended, melismatic “Oh” that functions as something between a verse and a chorus at 0:26; the repeated way the music stops or slows at just the right moments, without ever giving us the feeling of being interrupted; the fleeting bit of theatrical singing we hear at 1:04, as if maybe Lene Lovich has made a brief cameo; and then oh man when that opening “Oh!” comes back a third time right near the end (2:15) it completely melts my heart.

So if you missed it the first time, please rush back and listen as well to “Numbers Don’t Lie,” the first Mynabirds MP3 featured back in January. And then do yourself an even greater favor and buy What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood, which was released just last week on Saddle Creek; it’s a strong strong effort from a gifted musician.

  1. Jaker on Tuesday November 9, 2010

    All the songs are brilliantly crafted “Musically & Lyrically” I can tell, I got the album & would recommend it highly.

    Brings me back to all the great 50’s, 60’s, even 70’s Mo-town sound.

    Also, I think Laura sounds a bit like Carly Simon, Dusty Springfield & Kit Hain of (Marshall & Hain) fame. Remember “Dancing in the City” & she’s still going strong. But to get back to the “Mynabirds” they just broke me free from so mad sad, unintelligible slosh. Thank you guys! And for making me decide to go back making my own music after a ten year absence. Now sell as many as you can of this to the world. It needs less ingeniousness at the moment & more ingeniousness

  2. fingertips on Tuesday November 9, 2010

    Agreed– the Mynabirds album is solid all the way through. One of my two or three favorites of ’10.